Therapy Explained

One on One Therapy

When you first meet, your therapist will typically gather information about you and ask what concerns you’d like to work on. The  therapist will likely ask you about your current and past physical and emotional health to gain a deeper understanding of your situation. Your  therapist may discuss whether you might benefit from other treatment as well, such as medications. The first session is also an opportunity for you to interview your therapist to see if he or she will be a good match for you


Confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of therapy.  Therapists  are required by law to disclose information to protect a client or a  specific individual identified by the client from “serious and foreseeable harm.”  During your first session your therapist will explain confidentiality and limitations.  You will receive a written explanation detailing your rights and your therapists responsibilities.

How Long Does Therapy Take?

If you are beginning therapy or considering it, you probably want to  know how long it is going to take before what you are experiencing and  seek to resolve is worked out. The simple answer to that perplexing  question is that there is no simple answer.  Length of therapy can vary depending on your specific needs and  circumstances. Some people come to therapy with a specific issue or concern, and brief solution-focused therapy may be the right fit. Often,  that can last six to eight sessions. Some people come to therapy to  explore issues that seem to run a little deeper. They might engage in  therapy for several months or even years

Will it Work?

Therapy helps clients uncover strengths  and learn new skills that will allow them to deal with the challenges  that arise in life.  A  successful therapy experience does not mean a client is cured, it means  the person has the inner and outer resources to deal with the ups and  downs of life –
The Good News….It Works!!