The Benefits & Effectiveness of The Gottman Method


The Gottman Method is unique in its focus on perpetual versus resolvable conflicts.

Understanding this difference is part of how this form of therapy can help couples positively change their relationship.

By learning new ways to deal with perpetual conflicts, couples can replace negative conflict patterns with healthier ones.

Also, because the Gottman Method is backed by rigorous research, many of the interventions are specific. They include actionable steps that help couples leave each session understanding what to do to continue to work on their issues outside of therapy.

Moreover, learning these steps will help couples in the long term. Even after therapy, they can continue to apply these skills and techniques, preventing them from falling back into their former negative patterns.

Studies have demonstrated that the Gottman Method is highly effective. In addition to seeing an individual therapist, the Gottman Institute also offers workshops and retreats.

A randomized clinical trial assessed couples one year after taking either a one-day and two-day workshop or after a workshop followed by nine sessions of Gottman Method couples therapy. The trial found all to be effective. Although the most effective option, which also resulted in the least relapse, was combining a two-day workshop with nine therapy sessions.7

Similarly, a study on Gottman Method couples therapy found that after 10 sessions, it was an effective treatment for improving married couples’ relationships, compatibility, and intimacy.


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