What To Expect Working With A Gottman Therapist


Couples therapy using the Gottman Method starts with an assessment, which begins with a joint session between the couple and the therapist.

The therapist speaks with each member of the couple individually.

In addition, couples may complete questionnaires developed as part of the Gottman Method.

Together, this will enable the therapist to form a thorough picture of the relationship that they can then use to provide feedback to the couple on the stability of their

partnership and decide on the interventions that will be most valuable to the couple.

Gottman Method interventions are designed to improve a couples’ friendship and their ability to manage conflict.

As a result, in therapy, couples will learn to improve interactions to move from negative to positive, deepen emotional connection, and create shared goals.9

Gottman Method therapists don’t just focus on improving skills within the relationship but also use the research on which the therapy is based to educate couples about the components of¬†healthy relationships.

This gives couples increased insight into their relationship dynamics and tools for maintaining their relationship in the long term.

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